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Failure to comply with the following statements may result in the discontinuation of business with PowerON Services, Inc.

1. PowerON does not "Refurbish" products. Used products may not be referred to as "Refurbished," "Vendor Refurbished," or "3rd Party Refurbished" in any web or print advertisements featuring used products purchased from PowerON.

2. Apple branded products purchase from PowerON may not be purchased for the purpose of being "parted out" or broken down for repair parts.

3. This used product is sold to you by PowerON Services, Inc. PowerON is not affiliated with the manufacturer. This product is sold to "as is" and without any express or implied warranties by the manufacturer. For PowerON's terms and conditions or PowerON's warranty program visit, call 800-673-6227 or email

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Issued pursuant to the Sales and Use Tax Law, I am engaged in the business of selling Computer Equipment and Related Peripherals and these items will be resold by me in the form of tangible personal property; PROVIDED, however, that in the event that any of such property used for any purpose other than retention, demonstration, or display while holding it for sale in the regular course of business, it is understood that I am required by Sales and Use Tax Law to report and pay for the tax, measured by the purchase price of such property.

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